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  • 02 Mon

    2015; Upcoming Graphic Design Trends You NEED To Know

    Graphic Design Trends 2015 Header Image

    It’s 2015! Onwards and upwards as they say. Each year brings us new trends and looks. These keep us from getting bored with the way things are presented and keep us interested and inspired to create new things with fresh, modern ideas. And this year holds no acceptation… it’s gonna be big.

    We were blown into the digital design age in 2014, with trends including minimalism, everything being ‘flat’ and creating physical objects using the new and amazing 3D printer.

    Although it is unlikely that we will be escaping the ‘digital art age’ anytime soon, we will definitely be seeing it develop more into lots of different and unique ideas, with just as many interesting trends heading our way.

    Here are the predicted graphic design trends 2015!

    Creating the impossible…

    When someone says photo manipulation, most people tend to think of the typical model edited to look super skinny, to the point where it looks like she will snap in half with her new body proportions. But no, I’m talking about creating extreme photo manipulations that are truly fascinating and fun!

    Photo manipulation image; modified body picture

    For example, you snap a portrait of yourself… that’s cool, hair’s a bit lob-sided but it’s alright. But it’s boring, it’s just my face. How can I fix this? Hmm… I know, I’ll edit a small pink frog hanging from my lip, yeah that’ll be cute! Ooh and I’ll make it look like there’s a pea-sized blue frog with an afro hanging onto my eye lid too, yeah!

    …okay maybe not exactly that but you get the idea; creating something truly impossible in real life but at the same time it looking fairly realistic and fun/expressive. With technology and design software getting more and more easy to use and create compelling designs, we’ll no doubt see more and more of this within the next year.

    Does this look right to you?

    Optical illusions (or Op Art) is predicted to make an appearance this year, with many companies resorting to this mind-boggling style to present their products and services to customers via their advertisements. Optical art is the art of creating something that deliberately confuses the viewer, but in an interesting way. From still image patterns that look like they are moving to triangles that never seem to end, optical illusions are definitely interesting.

    Optical Illusion art image

    Throughout 2014, the style made a big comeback. Whether it was seeing it on social media sites or an advert on your way to the bus stop, it came back. And we predict this year is going to explore the idea even more. With the digital age advancing every day, things are bound to get a little more complex and interesting.

    Filling the space

    Another prediction for a trend this year is ‘space’ and ‘sci-fi’. There are plans for lots of sci-fi films and series to be released this year and although ‘galaxy’ patterns are already used a lot for clothing and ‘hipster’ styles, we may see this reach a new level of intergalactic craziness this year!A green space galaxy image

    Maybe we’ll some new space-inspired fonts (and maybe even some typography, that’s also going to go big this year!) or maybe planets and their shapes will inspire graphic designers to create images based around spheres and orbs, there’s no telling; just like space, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities!

    The art of gaming

    Another trend we’re likely to see explored more this year is the development of gaming and using it as a tool for art representation. In recent years, we’ve seen more and more game designers release games that seemingly lack much story at all, but focus more on the visual presentation of the game and creating a completely unique and memorable style. Some famous examples of recent atmospheric games include…

    – Wildlife survival game Shelter

    – An Arstotzka-based security game called Papers Please

    – The beautiful atmospheric pixel game The Deer God

    – And a musical exploration piece called Proteus.

    Gaming artwork image; screenshot from the game Proteus.

    People are now playing these games not for entertainment and story, but for an artistic value to look upon. Although this trend has already been out there, it will only grow over the next year or so as game designers are really starting to realise the potential for using gaming as a medium for their artistic ideas, without having to worry about creating a great story or compelling characters.


    It’s gonna be an exciting year, so stay creative all!

    Do you think there’s something else that will become a trend this year? Let us know!

    You can tweet us or post to our Facebook wall, we’d love to hear your predictions! :)

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