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  • 16 Mon

    Amazing 3D Art – Insane Illusions!

    3D Art Header Image

    Originating from the 15th Century, 3D Art is a very clever style to work with; with endless possibilities as to what you could create. It all began with Paolo Uccello experimenting with the idea of ‘perspective’ drawing; what it was called at the time. It has gradually become a style that anyone can attempt and enjoy, with a lot patience.

    You’ve probably seen a form of 3D art/illusion posted on your Facebook or Twitter feed at some point or another, perhaps the street art pieces or maybe on a piece of paper? No doubt it was followed by a comment somewhere saying ‘WOW. How do they even make these?’ or something similar…

    Well, to put it simply, it’s all about calculating the right position that the eye would meet the image and creating from that perspective. It can be a tricky task, with lots of technical bits and bobs to play around with in order to get the right effect. But with the right amount of effort and practise, it can be easy to calculate and judge the right positions and create a crazy piece of art!

    3D art can also be done in a variety of different traditional mediums, such as paint, pencil, spray paint and more!

    Here’s some of our favourite 3D art…

    3D Art Orca's in a Pool Street Image

    3D Street Art Sprite Man Surfing on a Waterfall Image

    3D Waterfall Mural Painting Image

    3D Street Art Chasm Painting on a road


    Do you have any favourite pieces of 3D Art that you’d like to share? Or maybe you’ve had a go at creating some yourself?

    If you do, be sure to share it with us over at Twitter or our Facebook Wall, we’re always eager to see what you guys like!

    Bonus Video

    Danger Dolan, over at YouTube, made an excellent video showcasing 20 brilliant examples of 3D Street Art; it’s definitely worth a watch!

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