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  • 25 Tue

    Apps To Include In Your Marketing Strategy 2015

    Just when you thought that nothing could beat Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, 2015 is bringing a new range of innovative social media platforms.

    Social media has become a crucial part of advertising and connecting with people. At Jerrard Wayne we love social media and we understand how important it is. So, we carried out a little research into the up and coming apps to watch out for that you can include in your marketing strategy.

    Yik Yak

    Most of us have Twitter where we can view our friends’ statuses on their thoughts and what they’re up to…but what if you could view status updates from everyone around you, including people you don’t know and comment on their statuses anonymously? Well you first thought may be ‘why would I want to know about people who I don’t know?’ Actually it’s a great way of interacting with people. Let’s say you’re an interior designer, someone on Yik Yak in your area may write ‘looking for an interior designer’ as their status. It’s an opportunity for you to gain customers pronto! Just remember to state the name of your company as you will be posting anonymously! You can also join in on other people’s conversations and view conversations in other areas. Who knows the kind of valuable connections that you could make?!

    yik yak


    Learnist allows you to share your knowledge and expertise with others and it also encourages you to learn new things. It’s a great way to learn from the gurus within your field of interest as well. You can upload blogs, videos, podcasts, surveys, documents, maps and more. You can also collect information from others and create your own board, so that you have everything that you need to learn in one place. Categories include art & design, sports, science, technology, food, fitness…basically everything! Learnist have described themselves as ‘a collaborative, multimedia and interactive eBook of the future’. The future is here guys!



    Is it possible that Instagram may now have a rival? Hyper is another popular photo-sharing app, much like Instagram, but with a twist. Yes, it allows you to upload photos like any other app; however, rather than following your friends you follow your favourite hashtags. This is great for businesses! For example, you’re a new fashion company aimed at the younger generation, by hashtagging your pictures with ‘youngfashion’ people interested in this type of attire will be able to find your more easily. Followers of your hashtag will also receive notifications when you’ve posted a new picture with that specific hashtag, a great way for your fans to hear about your new products first! Hyper also enables you to vote on pictures, upload multiple images in one go, isolate your picture by location or event and upload pictures from the web within the app rather than just your camera roll. The really interesting aspect about this app is that when users click on your profile, they can only view the points (i.e. votes) that they have earned rather than all the pictures that you have posted, which actually creates a sense of privacy as opposed to exposing your life in pictures. We may just be going hyper for ‘Hyper’!


    This new app is taking the video app world by storm. Whilst photo networks are still popular, we’re slowly moving onto motion picture platforms. Dubsmash is super fun app in which you can mime to a 10 second clip of your favourite song, TV programme and other sounds. Even celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Jennifer Lopez have join in on the Dubsmash hype. Rihanna cleverly used the app to debut her new single ‘BBHMM’ by allowed fans to record themselves miming to snippets of the song. We love Dubsmash so much that we used it to introduce our new Jerrard Wayne rebrand! Our clients and friends have recorded themselves miming to the ‘Brand New’ songs that we added to our own JW playlist. Check out the videos on our Instagram ‘@jerrardwayne’, Facebook and Twitter.


    Want to join in on the #BrandNew Dubsmash fun as part of our rebrand? Simply download the dubsmash app via the app store, search ‘jerrardwayne’, click on the ‘JW Brand New’ playlist, select a familiar song and get lip syncing away! Post your video on your Instagram page and tag us in (@jerrardwayne) so that we can repost your video. If you don’t have Instagram, just email over your Dubsmash to We’re looking forward to seeing your #BrandNew talent!

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