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    Playing with Reality – What is Augmented Reality?

    Augmented Reality

    You may have seen this phrase floating around the web recently, as it is a new and improving project type is in the creative industry.

    What Is Augmented Reality?

    In a nutshell, AR is the integration of computer-generated content such as video or imagery into our everyday world. Generally happening in real time, AR has the potential to become the pinnacle of user interaction.

    Allowing users to transform their physical reality through something as simple as a smartphone, holds immense capabilities for highly interactive and original marketing campaigns.

    augmented reality phone newspaper
    A great example is McDonald’s new brilliant Australian campaign, which combines a phone’s GPS technology with image recognition and quirky 3D animations to create a fun informative experience for users. The idea behind the app is simple, but well executed – to allow customers to interact with their meals and learn where it’s ingredients come from at the same time.

    Using the location, time and type of first? purchase, the app can pinpoint the exact time purchased and provide relevant details. To keep things interesting, apart from information, the app displays a unique high quality animation, turning the table into a kind of ‘stage’ for fun cartoony characters.

    And what is augmented reality offering in this campaign? Interactivity, and loads of it. On one hand this is a fun education tool for children, letting them know how a burger is made.

    On a larger scale, it helps inform customers of the quality of the food and gives details on the farms and farmers that provided the ingredients.

    In Buenos Aires, Unilever also created an engaging AR campaign where onlookers were encouraged to try out a new spray deodorant. The participating women, standing on a designated platform, would be projected on a large LED with animations of flowers and men offering them flowers and balloons.

    Introducing a new product is generally difficult, however if you create a fun and memorable experience for a potential customer, it becomes much easier to promote your line successfully. Forming a relationship with a consumer base is one of the best ways to enforce brand loyalty and keep it.

    augmented reality phone app

    Can you imagine the possibilities?

    Grocery shopping online has become very popular because of its convenience and time-efficiency. But impulse purchases typically happen in the actual physical store, and they are an essential aspect of revenue. What is AR’s possible solution to this?

    Combining the best of both worlds: personalised recommendations, calorie information, reviews, or even the location of alternative items whilst in the store. The ability to provide targeted commercials would be an excellent feature in order to encourage additional purchases.

    At the same time, augmented reality can offer the feel of being in the store while remote. Think of a retail store website where customers could digitally try on clothing and combine accessories in real time. The previously existing barrier between the consumer and the digital store would disappear.

    Trying on clothing without even being present at the store. Having the ability to bring the benefits of online shopping to the physical store can offer amazing possibilities.

    And as the blurring of real and digital becomes easier and easier, the future of augmented reality apps is growing brighter.


    Have you ever experienced using augmented reality before? Do you have any interesting ideas and concepts your favourite brands could be using with it?

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