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    Band Aid Musicians Revive the Christmas Single

    In 1984 Band Aid set out to “feed the world” with a christmas record. As Geldof gets back into the recording studio with his band aid musicians we are looking at how to market not for profit using celebrity power and reboot a 30 year franchise to take on the Ebola Pandemic.

    “Do they know it’s Christmas time?”


    Marketing for not for profit organisations has long been about showing pictures of the conflicts and afflictions that they are trying to tackle. Shock tactics were see as a valuable way of calling on people to donate. Emotive pictures of starving children might be memorable but they have been found to do little to affect the generosity of an audience. Instead not for profits have moved on to becoming a far more slick and sophisticated publicity and media entity. Creating a clear image and razor sharp marketing message is vital :”What is this charity and what does it do?”

    Live aid and Band aid recognised the marketing potential of their brand and the pulling power of celebrity. The original band aidThe original Band Aid went on to raise £8million. Looking how successful marketing campaigns by organisations, including commercial ones, the brand has gained an identity and heritage that is a valuable asset to famine relief. Band aid 30 has more celebrity power than any of the previous reincarnations combined, if you are to go by the Spotify listings. In the aim to gain a christmas number one, raising money and exposure for the cause, the group give an excellent demonstration to the power of a cause celebre. Band aid musicians include Ed Sheehan, Ellie Goulding and Bono to boot.

    PR campaign, has been designed to gain maximum exposure for the cause. Launching on a prime television spot launched during the coveted Sunday night Xfactor prime viewing slot, a good cause with the leverage that commercial brands could only dream of. Live aid 30 has built on the legacy and presence of the original but, in the social media age, the marketing has had to be far more refined. While increasing influence and exposure, Geldof has made his appeal for the public to buy the record not just to go streaming it online.

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