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    Presenting our Best Apps 2014 List

    Ladies and gentlemen, take out your smartphones and get ready for some downloading – as we are halfway through the year, we thought we’d share with you our Best Apps 2014 list!

    If you’re like us, your phone is as essential as your morning coffee. We love keeping up-to-date with friends and family, sharing our favourite games with each other, and staying connected to trending topics. Whether you’re looking for entertainment on your daily commute or a way to tone up that beach bod, we’ve compiled five of our current favourite apps to play with. Be warned: these are very addicting, so make sure you don’t get caught at the office!

    Our first app is not your typical work-out app. Lumosity is designed to strengthen the most important part of the body: your brain! Create your own personalised training program, play the wide selection of games and puzzles that target specific areas of cognitive development (memory, attention, or problem-solving), and track your progress.

    After flexing those intellectual muscles, download the pumpup app to work-out the rest of you! You can upload photos of your progress, what kinds of healthy foods you’re eating, and get support from an entire online community. As if that wasn’t enough, this app lets you customise a work-out plan that suits you best.

    Another incredibly handy app is Flipboard – ‘your personal magazine.’ This lets you sync all your favourite news sources in one place – anything from politics to celebrity gossip to sports. You can also browse through a ton of different topics, and easily share interesting pieces on your social media networks.

    Being the social media addicts that we are, a quality photo-editing app is essential, and we love Picfx. This app lets you apply all kinds of effects to your images including different filters, light textures, and frames. (Note: this app is only available for iPhone users, so if you are rocking an Android, we recommend Pixlr Express!)

    And last but not least, we have a game for you – Monument Valley. The object of the game is to guide Princess Ida to the top of a series of M.C. Escher-esque towers by manipulating staircases, raising and lowering platforms, and spinning the buildings on their foundations. You get to be a player and an architect! (And did we mention the graphics are absolutely stunning?!)

    We hope you’ve found this Best Apps 2014 list useful and inspirational. We’d love it if you returned the favour – let us know some of your favourite apps and let’s keep this list ever-growing.

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