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    We Can’t Get Enough Of These Graphic Novels…

    We’re well away at working on some on very interesting projects at the moment, with not much time to relax and only time to design! We aren’t complaining though. It’s too much fun with so much potential for awesomeness to complain.

    We do make sure to rest up well though once the day has ended; gotta keep our creative levels maintained! Some of us go home and get straight into our PJ’s. Some play games. And some read graphic novels.

    So, with this in mind, we wanted to share with you our Top 10 Best Graphic Novels list! These will vary in genre, amount and style, however we feel they are definitely a great read and inspiring for any illustrators or comic book artists out there!

    Most of these have been made into film equivalents and some of them may be seen as overrated, but we don’t care; we really enjoyed them!

    Top 8 Best Graphic Novels!

    1) Watchmen

    Watchmen Best Graphic Novels Book CoverWatchmen is very well-known name within the graphic novel world. Based in an alternate world in 1985, masked vigilantes (or superheroes) are being tracked down and forced to stop their days of ‘saving the day’.

    One of the veterans is then murdered and an investigation by the other heroes takes place. It ends up being more than just an investigation and… well, we’ll leave you to read on.

    The story to Watchmen is definitely not for the light-hearted and is a really great and interesting twist on the typical superhero theme.

    The artwork style is quite a traditional one with the occasional shocker scene in, and it can be a little messy at times… but that’s what makes it so great! We highly recommend this one!

    2) The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead Best Graphic Novels Book CoverWe think by now, it’s probably almost impossible to have not heard of The Walking Dead series at some point or another. Since the television series was released, the graphic novel series has become even more popular than it previously was!

    This series will leave you questioning your morality, as well as being emotionally torn by some of the tragic events that happen to your favourite characters! Plus there’s the undead, so that’s epic too.

    3) V for Vendetta

    V for Vendetta Best Graphic Novels Cover ImageV for Vendetta is an incredibly dark tale based around a strange concept; a near-future historical version of the 1990s.

    The world is very much a dystopia and is left in a post-apocalyptic state after a nuclear war. The story follows a protagonist who goes by the alias V, who is out for revolution and sporting the Guy Fawkes mask.

    It is quite a complex story compared to the others, however is definitely one of the best graphic novels of all time. The artwork is fantastic, the story is invigorating and end is awesome!

    4) Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

    Batman The Dark Night Returns Best Graphic Novels Book CoverCome on, who could turn down a Batman read?

    This graphic novel follows the story of an ageing Batman, 10 years are retirement. Yet he ends up still fighting strong! Joined by a female Robin, Batman ends up facing some classic enemies for the final time (including The Joker).

    The art style in this book is truly an interesting one, with frightening themes and genuinely spine-chilling experiences to be had.

    5) Death Note

    Death Note Manga Cover Best Graphic NovelsAlthough not necessarily a graphic novel, but a manga, Death Note is definitely one to read for anyone who’s into supernatural themes, gothic themes and crime investigations. It follows the story of a young man called Light who comes across a notebook that has the power to cause people to die.

    He decides to use this book to rid the world of evil… but is playing God really the right thing to do?

    This psychological thriller was released in 2006 and still remains popular to this day! The artwork is fantastic and has been adapted into a TV series, as well as 3 films and some novels.

    6) 300 (Comic Series)

    300 Best Graphic Novels Book CoverYou may have seen the film of this. If not, possibly the dreaded ‘THIS IS SPARTA’ meme.

    Based on ancient Greece and theBattle of Thermopylae, this comic explores some really gruesome themes within history and is beautiful presented with the breathe-taking illustrations and double page spreads!

    The comic series is just as good as the film, if not better. The comic was published in 1998 by Dark Horse Comics and is still incredibly popular to this day.

    7) Sin City

    Sin City Best Graphic Novels Cover ImageSin City is based in a world where crime rates are EXTREMELY high, however the police force are just as corrupt minus a small amount. There are various different arcs and stories in this series, from The Girls of Old Town to the Magliozzi Crime Family, everyone is corrupted.

    Sin City’s style plays with negative space and very limited colours, making every panel look incredibly dramatic and cool!

    This is a really dark story with some really nasty parts within it, but it’s a great read so defiantly check it out; don’t bother with the film, it’s got nothing in comparison!

    8) Kick-Ass

    Kickass Best Graphic Novels Cover ImageYet another comic that ended up being turned into a well-known movie, Kick-Ass follows the story of an ordinary geeky guy deciding that enough is enough and becomes a ‘superhero’.

    Although powerless, he manages to get caught up in various crimes and situations, meeting other ‘superheroes’ like him.

    KickAss is a really great graphic novel to read. It might just be easier to watch the film to get a feel of it, but really you want to read the novel! ;)


    Have you read any of these graphic novels? Do you have a favourite that you consider to be on of the best graphic novels?

    Let us know in the comment section down below!You can also tweet us or head over to our Facebook wall! We’d love to hear from you.

    On a related note, we recently made a tutorial on how to create a superhero minimalistic styled poster! This could be great from anyone looking to design some graphic novel covers. :)

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