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  • 28 Tue

    Best Social Media Campaigns in 2014

    Three quarters of the year have passed and we thought that it would be a great idea to have a look and review some of the best social media campaigns of the year (until now).
    One of the best social media campaigns of the year belongs to Doritos and their #CrashTheSuperBowl ads. Although highly commercial, Doritos have managed to leverage the power of social media through user generated content and amazing prizes. The opportunity to work on the latest Avengers movie with Marvel and to attend the February SuperBowl managed to capture the audience’s interest.

    The Challenge: to create a homemade ad, which would then be aired on live Television during the SuperBowl.

    We consider it one of the best social media campaigns because it engaged fans on different social media channels and encouraged brand conversations using the above mentioned hash tag.

    Have a look at the campaign winner. Did we mention that it had only a 200$ budget?

    The best social media campaigns are the ones that manage to connect users on multiple platforms and generate virility. At the end of the day any social media campaign is measured on audience engagement, online reach and brand awareness.

    This takes us to the second most important social media event of the year. Although surrounded in mystery it has broken the worldwide re-tweet record of all times. The mystery around it is the reason we have it on a second place. Long story short, it is suspected that Samsung organised a product placement stunt, using high calibre actors and media icons to take a group selfie using a Samsung phone.

    Samsung denies the general opinion although it is a major sponsor of the Oscar’s Awards. Premeditated or lucky – it doesn’t even matter considering that the user engagement shut down Twitter. It is another example of how social networks and users can take a product around the world, and in this case the Samsung picture managed to get 3 million re-tweets.
    Samsung product placement

    In your opinion – what makes the best social media campaigns? Luck or carefully planned events?
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