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    Best Stock Pose Suppliers – Free References For Artists!

    Best Stock Reference Poses Galleries Gallery Photography Male BirdsisterStock Header Image

    Thinking of poses to draw for people and characters can be hard sometimes. You may find yourself scribbling lots of different poses but none ending up looking aesthetically pleasing or even anatomically correct. That’s where pose references come in.

    Sometimes, it’s okay to draw from a picture. We don’t mean copy, we mean reference it. Say you use a photo of a person as a reference for your piece; by doing so your piece should be anatomically correct, well compositioned and just in general saves you a lost of wasted time and effort scribbling failed ideas!

    We wanted to share with you some of the best stock pose reference suppliers from the web!

    Best Free Stock Pose Reference Galleries!

    Best Stock Reference Poses Galleries Gallery Photography Violin Music SenshiStock

    SenshiStock is possibly one of the most known DeviantArt stock posse providers… and rightly so, the gallery is fantastic! With a variety of different themes and focuses, SenshiStock will probably have the pose you are looking for.

    There are also a few models used, so if you need a male or female or even a pregnancy reference, this gallery will have it!

    Best Stock Reference Poses Galleries Gallery Photography Random Acts Stock Random-Acts-Stock

    Another great pose reference gallery out there. Random Acts Stock is quite literally what it’s named… random. It provides a variety of different photos and images for reference, all of great quality!

    A lot of their content revolves around women, fantasy and historical, including characters dressed up in costumes and scenery.We think this is a really interesting aspect of this gallery that makes it unique.


    Melyssah6 Stock
    Best Stock Reference Poses Galleries Gallery Photography Eye Makeup melyssah6

    Melyssah6 has created a folder that contains a variety of different hand poses, as well as reference folders for eyes and various other stock images. These are posted for artists to view and reference for their projects.

    Melyssa6 is particularly skilled at collecting stock reference images for nature, textures and different lighting types.

    Best Stock Reference Poses Galleries Gallery Dancer FF-Stock

    FFStock is another great stock image pose reference site for you to add to your bookmark bars. This stock gallery is particularly good if you need some dance and expressive poses, as everything is very loud, flexible and exciting!

    Best Stock Reference Poses Galleries Gallery Photography Violin Male BirdsisterStock

    Whilst most of these have been predominantly female focussed, this gallery tends to focus more on male models and poses. It does hold some female images too, but it makes a change to see some male focus too!

    The quality of the shots are outstanding, with each photo looking fresh, sharp and clear for the artist viewing to reference. There’s also a bit of scenery and object reference material in there too so that’s a bonus!


    So how about it, have you ever had to use a reference image for a piece of work? Do you know any other great pose reference galleries? We’d love to know so drop us a comment in the section below!

    Or, feel free to contact us via our social media pages and we’ll be sure to get it touch! You can tweet us or leave a post on our Facebook!

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