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    Brands….. Now Live

    Never before have you been able to get so close to companies and personalities and gain instant responses.  With sites like Periscope, Meerkat and Blab growing in popularity, consumers are using this fly on the wall insight to gain greater access into brands.

    Not only is live conversation good to manage brands status, but it creates an invaluable connection and closer engagement with consumers. Live conversation can also be a means of customer service and product management.

    Several brands and celebrity personalities have understood the benefits to using these sites as a means to draw engagement with their audience. This has led to a continuous increase and rise in their popularity.



    With 10 million users and over 100 million broadcasts since its creation in 2015, Persicope seems to be the go-to site for brands. Its popularity is most likely to be due its integration with the social media giant, Twitter, alongside the traction this creates.

    This partnership allows for more meaningful content to be viewed by a wider demographic, without needing a Periscope account. This contributes to a richer experience on the users’ timeline.  Another benefit to the platform is the ability for videos to be saved for 24 hours.

    Made In Chelsea tv personality Jamie Laing is a regular broadcaster on Periscope and recently streamed a house party on Periscope where the users controlled what happened. This concept of putting the user in control is a catalyst for engagement.

    Periscope has also been used by the likes of Red Bull, and the Royal Caribbean.

    Periscope mainly grew to fame last year during the illegal filming of the Mayweather and Pacquio fight showing the implication of piracy for the app.



    Meerkat, which has a modest 2 million users since its launch in February 2015, is regularly used by Jimmy Fallon. Americas beloved TV host used the platform to show sneak peaks and backstage access previews to viewers. This was a way to make audience members feel like they are on the inside. Videos are only viewable at the time of live streaming on Meerkat, so viewers have to be tuned in to catch it as it happens.

    Last year Madonna the old queen of pop tried to broadcast the premier of her music video ‘Ghost Town’ through the app, however the stunt was a flop due to technical errors which left a lot of fans disappointed. There were many tweets showing fans frustration.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 15.25.12

    This shows the downsides that come with streaming which could have an adverse affect on the brand.



    Blab is an emerging platform that allows four people to chat simultaneously accompanied by live chat commentary also created in 2015. Despite recently taking centre stage, as the new kid on the block, brands at present seem to be less eager to use this platform. Factors could be be due to the unpredictability that comes with live conversations and a lack of control over what is shown, which makes it a target for trolling. The first brand or celebrity mavericks to be present on the site are likely to get a clear dominance of the platform if the streams are executed correctly and receive the intended response.

    What’s Next?

    Experience lead marketing is a cultural shift that food and beverage marketers are leaning towards. This suggests there will be a rise in their presence on streaming sites. Consumers want to know first hand what the products are like and receive real –time interaction. This increase in real time interaction creates a more meaningful form of engagement.

    The main benefit for brands live streaming is so they can become influencers through broadcasting valuable content across the medium. Interaction with the audience is a key aspect as the audience can interact in real time, which creates brand value.

    There is a cultural shift and a desire for transparency between companies and their audience, which companies can display through streaming. The future landscape of streaming being integrated as part of a marketing strategy will depend on the quality of output and can only grow with technical advances.

    Are you now live? How are you using the platforms? We want to hear from you! Comment below of let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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