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Brands of the Month

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    Brands of the Month

    This months blog takes a look at the best brands of the month, from June featuring Nike, Save The Children, Gillette, Origen Orgânicos, Samsung and Hovding.

    Origen Orgânicos


    This print campaign designed by Y & R Sao Paulo was created for the organic food store Origen Orgânicos, Brazil. Y & R used a series of text images of fruit and veg including watermelon, strawberry and lettuce. The series used toxic elements of the periodic table that are found in pesticides to get across the benefits of eating organic produce. The increasing rise in the use of pesticides especially is less economically developed countries like Sao Paulo is becoming more popular. Not only can they damage the nutrition of the product by they can have adverse effects on humans. This ad is a creative but scientific way to get the message across, increasing the credibility of the campaign.


    Save The Children: Paper Glasses

    This PR campaign recently won gold at the Cannes Lions festival and it’s no surprise! The impact this can have on the population of children in Mexico is significant. 75% of school dropouts are due to visual impairment, so Grey Mexico and Save the children joined forces to create a visual test to help children understand when they are not seeing as well as they should be. This is an innovative and low cost solution for bringing light to a rising problem with the main goal to educate the children of Mexico and ultimately keep them in school.


    Gillette: Go Ask Dad

    Gillette won our vote for the best Fathers Day ad, showing the power of dads vs the internet. This adverts was based on research that 94% of teenagers would turn to the internet rather than asking their dad for help. The creators Grey NY managed to reach the core meaning of this day – appreciation-  by creating an emotive connection with the audience by highlighting the barrier technology can create. This 2 minute slot created brand association with Gillette and memorable experiences e.g. your first shave.  As a result the personal care brand created a heart warming display. The P&G brand also helped drive the campaign through SEO optimisation, by using key search terms such as ‘How To Tie A Tie’ and this would direct them to the Ask Dad video.

    Samsung: Virtual Motivation

    This virtual reality focused ad by Samsung uses VR technology to motivate the worst football team in the UK – New Mills AFC. A pre match motivational speech was delivered by the one and only Harry Redknapp. DDB Stockholm and ACNE created the ad to show the power and emotion this new technology can bring. By tapping into the sporting market the brand attempts to gain recognition and association with this new technology and creates a target audience.

    Hovding: Give a Beep

    The aim of this interactive campaign is to draw attention towards social change and improving the safety for cyclist commuting on London roads. This campaign gives individuals the power to contribute to change by notifying when they have felt frustrated or endangered on the roads by pressing a button that resembles a bicycle bell. These signals will be used  to inform the Mayor of London in an attempt to create a cycle safe London. The key message in this campaign is that bicycle bells have been keeping cyclist safe since 1877, but they can no longer be heard, so the Hovding ensures you are heard.

    Nike Football: The Switch

    This months blog would not be complete without a Euro ’16 ad so here enters this epic entry by Nike. This cinematic style performance sees a 16 year old British lad called Lee grow into a star after switching places with the football legend Christiano Ronaldo. The delivery of this ad solidifies the brands status of being the ultimate global sporting event sponsor and led the hype of the Euros 2016, and we think it’s brilliant!!

    What was your favourite ad this month? Comment below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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