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    Brands of the Month

    This is the first in a series that takes a look at the best brands from the previous month, from some of the following mediums, TV, print, outdoor, radio and interactive.


    #Believe – Mars

    Kicking it off is Mars with this cinematic style advert supporting the England football team as part of their #Believe campaign. The 60 second advert shows English fans swim across the  Channel to French shores to cheer on the national team as they prepare to play against rivals in the Euro 2016 cup.
    This brand campaign uses humour alongside showing the strength of England fans, to engage an association with the brand around tournament matches and show Mars’s backing for the England team.


    AMP Shoes – Diabetes UK

    This East London, Brick Lane pop up shoe shop was part of an experiential campaign for Diabetes UK. Hidden cameras revealed customers reactions to the truth behind diabetes. The campaign used an emotive, shock tactic to reach the target audience and spread knowledge of the disease. The branding of the store itself was designed to be funky to draw in a variety of age groups. This campaign created a real buzz on social media and visitors were able to gain a free diabetes check.


    Free The Kids Print – Persil

    persil free the kids

    Persil break away from their usual family friendly advertising with their statistic driven ‘Free the Kids’ print campaign, which shows the threat to childhood play. The brand who usually positions their marketing campaign featuring children getting mucky from playing outside, have changed the dynamic of their approach to raise awareness. This campaign was produced after a survey found that globally 1 in 3 children spend less than 30 minutes playing outside daily, which is less than maximum security prisoners. The campaign is a continuation of the brands ‘Dirt is good’ messaging and takes a more radical approach to create conversation and behavioural change. The delivery of this campaign shows their voluntary involvement in ethical issues, by aiming to drive conversation on the digital platform and support families in their mission to get children back to playing outdoors. The level of trust this brand plays in many households across the globe means this campaign can speak to multiple people and the message can be spread across a broad demographic.

    La Pursuit – Grey Goose

    This modern 1940’s style ad uses a romantic fairytale style to reposition themselves amongst millennials. This advert gives the feel that the characters are chasing the goose and links with luxury by creating emotive content showing a luxurious lifestyle. They have shown an authentic approach by matching the styling with the current fashion trends, The Gentleman and Hipster. This is likely to draw interest from these fashion followers, meaning the reach will be quite broad. The authenticity of the campaign certainly evokes an element of luxury and desire and aims to recreate a buzz for the product that surrounded the birth of the brand.


    The Apocalypse, X-Men – Fox

    Twentieth Century Fox used the X-Men apocalypse to take over SnapChat filters and use VR to promote their new release. Users had access to 9 different character filters giving them an immersive character experience to share amongst their peers. Users were also able to buy tickets to a screening through the app, allowing the content to drive revenue. Fox have utilised the popularity of this social media platform, especially amongst millennials, using it to target a young demographic to encourage them to spread awareness of the release.

    Do you think your brand could make it into brands of the month? Let us know about any campaigns or promotions you have been running. Comment below or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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