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  • 14 Thu

    Tesco – Every little cut

    Is this a sign of more trouble for the market leader as Tesco announced earlier this week its plans to sell off more of its non core assets? Despite their once flourishing product portfolio the chief executive, Dave Lewis wants to bring the attention back to the supermarket base in an attempt to revive sales. …

  • 13 Sat

    Valentine’s Day Branding

    February has arrived and Cupid’s arrow has been fired. This year is no different to any other, and we are surrounded by an array of gifts and treats. Each year in the UK alone we Brits spend £1.6 billion on Valentine’s Day, so it’s no surprise brands want to encapsulate the essence of this celebration and …

  • 14 Thu

    How To Create Effective Email Signature

    Email signatures still matter! As much as first impressions are important so is the last impression. An effective email signature should be informative, professional and easy to follow. Email signatures are important as they convey your professional image alongside utilising marketing opportunities. Here are some key features you should consider including when creating your email signature. …