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We are relentless in our pursuit of creative excellence. We take time everyday to see how creativity is affecting the world and our social experiences. Unlike other design blogs, this is where we'll give you a full insight into the goings on in our studio. Sharing is caring, after all! We love great marketing and design. In our Culture Feed, you’ll find an array of amazing pieces we’ve been collating for inspiration. Oh, also, we’ll drop in some of our own daily musings and work, just to keep you up to date!

Creative Design

  • 20 Wed

    Best Stock Pose Suppliers – Free References For Artists!

    Best Stock Reference Poses Galleries Gallery Photography Male BirdsisterStock Header Image

    Thinking of poses to draw for people and characters can be hard sometimes. You may find yourself scribbling lots of different poses but none ending up looking aesthetically pleasing or even anatomically correct. That’s where pose references come in. Sometimes, it’s okay to draw from a picture. We don’t mean copy, we mean reference it. …

  • 15 Fri

    Feature Friday; The Best Of Animated Music Videos!

    Best Animated Music Videos Blog Post Header Image Don't Stop Your Feet

    Friday is let it all go and dance around the office day, right? RIGHT?! Okay maybe not but still, Friday is a great day to get in the party mood ready for the weekend. And what better way to be prepared than listening to some epic tunes! Fortunately for the music industry, the introduction of …

  • 13 Wed

    Tutorials; Drawing Metal Textures!

    Metal Tutorials Armour Silver DeviantArt Header Image

    Hope everyone’s having a great Wednesday. We’ve gotten to the day for the week where we share with you some tips, tutorials or something informative for you guys to go off and experiment with. Today’s tutorial compilation revolves around drawing metal objects. Just painting a flat grey or gold shape will never be good enough …