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We are relentless in our pursuit of creative excellence. We take time everyday to see how creativity is affecting the world and our social experiences. Unlike other design blogs, this is where we'll give you a full insight into the goings on in our studio. Sharing is caring, after all!

We love great marketing and design. In our Culture Feed, you’ll find an array of amazing pieces we’ve been collating for inspiration.

Oh, also, we’ll drop in some of our own daily musings and work, just to keep you up to date!

Design & Print

  • 02 Sat

    An Intro Into Corporate Identity Design

    The Beauty of Logos Logos are a powerful thing… Which is why we here at Jerrard Wayne have devised a list of corporate identity design tips for your consideration! It can be daunting to think that a tiny icon could become the eventual face and brand of your whole business. They become the visual cue people look for to …

  • 31 Thu

    Art of Typography in Advertising Explained

    The Art of Type. For those of you media savvy people, here’s a word you should feast your eyes upon – Typography! Typography is what art enthusiasts would describe as the craft and technique of arranging type. In the field of media, typography in advertising is such an important part of the designing process of any marketing promotional …

  • 09 Wed

    Scribble: the Colour Picker Pen

    No struggle with Scribble We’ve come across an idea that will smash one of our artistic struggles and make it disappear forever – you probably won’t have heard of it so let us be the bearer of good news: The Scribble Pen – a colour picker pen! A versatile tool to pick up colours and …