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Social Media

  • 18 Mon

    The Year Of #CheekyNandos

    Cheeky Nandos Hand Symbol Chicken Header Image

    2015 has held some pretty strange events and social media happenings this year. From a dress that’s colour just can’t be decided to strange dancing sharks advertising the SuperBowl, 2015 has definitely been a wacky one. But here’s the latest ‘meme’. You have probably seen this symbol somewhere… Whilst this little emoticon usually means ‘okay’, you have most likely seen it …

  • 27 Mon

    You are MyIdol, My Only Idol…

    MyIdol Bruce Willis Header Image

    Do you like dancing? Yes, that’s nice. Are you any good at it? If not, you could always just use this recently released app that has been the latest craze! MyIdol; The Newest Craze! MyIdol is a new Chinese application available on the iTunes app store. This app was released on April 22nd and has very …

  • 22 Wed

    Importance of YouTube Advertising – YouTube Infographics 2015

    YouTube Infographic Marketing Header Image

    Are YOU using YouTube to promote your company? Are you posting ANY moving content at all? You do realise you are really limiting yourself if you aren’t, right? Video and moving visuals in general are so important nowadays, as they draw instant attention from a viewer. It’s because life goes too fast nowadays and people do …