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Social Media

  • 13 Mon

    Social Media Logo Redesigns for Breast Cancer

    13/10/2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Day In commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness Day, we bring to you these social media logo redesigns from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Social Media Logo Redesigns! Creative, right? The logo redesigns were created by The Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore to highlight breast cancer through the platform of social media. The three most …

  • 09 Thu

    Pins & Needles: why Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform

    The pins are out and the points are drawn, as Pinterest gears up to become a viable advertising platform. This week the company launched Pin Picks, a new product which hosts content produced and curated by the Pinterest team.  As the site makes the move to host paid media, it’s time the fastest growing social media platform begins to show some dividends.  Pinterest will …

  • 04 Sat

    The Spread of Viral Marketing

    At-choo! There is something about a marketing that attracts fads. There is a certain susceptibility to tends, buzzwords and crazes, which spread like wildfire through the industry. Thankfully, most are short lived, but there is one concept that is proving to be particularly contagious: “the Viral Marketing campaign”. It is a phenomenon whereby a marketing message compels …