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    Earth Day

    So today is Earth Day. A day celebrated for over five decades, where more than a billion people show gratitude to the planet we live on.

    This movement is aimed to inspire and lead change in individuals’ habits and shift a focus to environmental change. Since the first rally in 1970 there has been a large progression towards companies becoming more eco friendly. This has led to many of them instilling it into their corporate social responsibility strategies. For example Ikea recently has invested 1 bn euros to become energy independent using solar energy and wind turbines.

    Many companies have previously been under scrutiny for their unethical business practices. For instance, the unforgettable 2010 BP oil spillage that saw 4.9 billion gallons destroy coastlines and wildlife. BP were ordered to pay a fine of $18.6bn   and contribute to the ocean clean up.

    Over 8,000 animals were reported dead 6 months after the spill. Many were endangered species

    Over 8,000 animals were reported dead 6 months after the spill. Many were endangered species.

    The damage this event caused was channeled through the media and social networking platforms. The extent of the attention this received began to highlight worldwide concerns over the damage businesses and corporations have on our planet. Perspectives changed and this saw the rise of the need for businesses to show their corporate social responsibility side.

    Alongside the media, celebrity ambassadors have become a voice for spreading the message to the mass public.

    Recently Leonardo Di Caprios’ Oscar speech produced momentum around the issues affecting the planet and climate change.

    As an environmentalist this actor often takes to social media as a platform to warn others about ennvironmental issues.

    Consumers now want to see transparency in companies and business practices. As the internet and social media is such a strong catalyst to gain momentum on unethical issues it is important businesses are as transparent as possible to retain trust.

    Facebook is a renowned platform for petitions and issues to raise awareness for causes. Unlimited characters, videos and pictures  allows messages to gain a wide reach.

    The mission to lead a future of more sustainable apparel is becoming increasingly popular.

    Fashion brands are now displaying their passion to the cause such as H&M. This week the brand has been fully involved with pushing their consumers to change by offering a £5 off voucher for those who recycle. This brand has also created ‘Conscious Collection’ that uses recycled fabrics and organic cotton.

    h & m consious

    They also include their sustainability report on their webpage showing a transparency and a dedication towards making their change visible to the public and gain trust.

    h and m report

    Trust is an emotion that businesses are using to maintain a strong customer base. A business that has been proactive in observing the market and developing products to meet consumer needs is Ecover. The brand has been voted ‘most trusted eco brand’ by consumers. It has created a range of sustainable cleaning products. The products and ethics of the brand have remained consistent and therefore gained trust in its audience.  With this in mind retail specialist have also seen a shift towards consumers being more eco savvy when choosing products.

    Since 2011, London’s busiest airport Heathrow, have been running zero emission electric pod cars transporting passengers to terminals.  This July driverless pods that resemble those at Heathrow will be tested in Greenwich as part of a £8m project by the gateway group. If successful this will see a change in public transport methods.

    Heathrow Zero Emission Driverless Pod Cars

    Heathrow Zero Emission Driverless Pod Cars

    The government is also showing their contribution to the cause by investing £40m to help the UK become international pioneers of emission cutting technology.  The Governments investment in this cause will hopefully create a mass change. They have already succeeded in terms of recycling.  Gone are the days where this was an act by the odd few now the majority of the UK do their bit.

    The big question is what can you do? Small changes make a huge difference.

    Here’s our top office tips to make a greener future.


    • Buy rechargeable batteries


    • Recycle all paper, plastics and ink cartridges


    • Bring in the greenery. Plants will brighten the office and make the air cleaner.


    • Travel wise. Care share and walk where possible.


    • Buy energy efficient light bulbs.



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