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    Euro 2016 Adverts

    The Euros are well underway and the hype around this event is noticeably huge. This years event is expected to be the biggest yet in terms of sponsorship. Social media is playing an important part in transporting these ads globally and intensifying the hype.

    Here’s a few of the Euro 2016 adverts.


    Showing their full backing for the England team, Mars have released this cinematic style ad as part of their £5m #Believe campaign. The ad shows England fans conquering French shores with the invasion led by England strikers Danny Welbeck, Jamie Vary and Harry Kane. The ad that features a range of people from all walks of life and uses humour to engage the audience and display a truly British nature.


    Lidl (1)

    Much to the Welsh’s dismay many well known brand stores in Wales have been in support for the England team for example M&S have been advertising their suit designed for the England team and JD Sports dispalyed billboards of children sporting the England kit. However, the German supermarket Lidl have pulled it back and showed support for the Welsh  through their Together. Stronger billboard in Swansea, showing Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and Ashley Williams fiercely sporting their Adidas strip.


    As an official sponsor of the Euros 2016 Carlsberg have done it again with this ad, following suit in their ‘If Carlsberg Did’ campaigns- La Revolution. Carlsberg have successfully focused on the fans in this French revolution style ad. The feature focuses on the French football legend Marcel Desailly, who shares the tickets with his fellow supporters and then tells the crowd ‘let them drink beer’, which throws a spin on Marie Antoinette’s famous words ‘let them eat cake’.  The ad also shows football humour including Paul the octopus who was used to predict the winners in the World Cup and Romanian fans with bleach blonde hair.

    Marks and Spencer 

    England Team

    Marks and Spencer have suited and booted the England squad with their new Autograph suit. This partnership is in its ninth year and the suits are set to be a sell out success. The suit is designed to be lightweight to wear in the summer heat. Being associated with the England team by supporting them through the Euros is great brand recognition for M & S and helps promote their menswear brand towards the football audience.

    Dr Dre Beats 

    Beats by Dr. Dre unveiled their ‘B Ready’ campaign featuring European footballers Antoine Griezmann, Mario Goetze, Harry Kane and Cesc Fabregas. The slot sees the footballers running through tunnels to the soundtrack of the Prodigy’s 90’s rave track ‘Firestarter’ and mimics the imagery in the music video, before they meet face to face and visualise their victory before the game. This promotion of their new wireless headphones illustrates the importance of music in sport.


    Coke have rolled out this football themed ad complete with its own anthem ‘Taste the feeling’ which featured DJ Avicii and vocals from Australian singer Conrad Sewell. The brand have understood that this event has the potential to draw in more viewers than ever before therefore this is great positioning for their brand and will draw attention to their Euro’s competition.


    This 3 advert shows the true nature of the Irish and introduces the #makehistory  campaign aimed to tap into their football heritage and the electric atmosphere the fans help to make as part of their €8.9 m deal with the team. As the main sponsor for the team this advert captures the fans excitement for the games in realist and natural ways. Former Irish football manager Jack Charlton features discussing tactics while the fans make their way to France.

    Which has been your favourite advert so far? Let us know on Twitter of Facebook.

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