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  • 23 Thu

    We Can’t Get Enough Of These Funny Graphic Design Posters!

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    Working in the graphic design industry is genuinely really fun. You get to spend your days using your create skills to make various different pieces for lots of projects; with different colours, styles and overall purposes. Working with a variety of different clients can actually be very fun.

    However, every now and then you will come across a problem or client who might makes things a little difficult… or in some cases, hilarious. Although it’s serious business, graphic design can have it’s extremely funny moments. From comic-sans abuse to creative puns, graphic design can hold some hilarious stories.

    Today, we decided we wanted to share some hilarious graphic design related posters that we found across the web. Some of these are silly client comments, some just general graphic design courtesy. They’ll be sure to make any

    Here’s some of our favourite funny Graphic Design posters!

    Funny Graphic Design Posters

    Client Emails Funny Graphic Design Poster Images

    Comic Sans is Suicide Funny Graphic Design Posters

    Could You Do The Actual Logo Instead of a Font Funny Graphic Design Poster

    Helvetica Funny Graphic Design Poster Image

    Icons That Can Ruin Your Day Funny Graphic Design Posters

    If Fonts Were Dogs Funny Graphic Design Poster Image

    Oh Crop Funny Graphic Design Poster Image

    Printed Gif Funny Graphic Design Poster Image

    Turn It Around Funny Graphic Design Poster

    Yo Momma Your Mom Funny Graphic Design Poster Image


    Have you seen any other funny posters? Do you know any funny Graphic Design jokes? Get in touch with us in the comment section below, we’d love to hear them!

    You can also tweet us or post to our Facebook wall. We want to see those funnies!

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