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    Getting The Perfect Shot Using The Rule Of Thirds!

    Hello everyone! In today’s post, we wanted to create a blog post that you photographers out there will enjoy; rule of thirds. Not using it? We suggest you reconsider…

    A Guide To Rule Of Thirds

    As any creative will know, photography is also an art form that isn’t as simple as an amateur may make it out to be. ‘Just taking a picture’ is not good enough in most cases, unless you are lucky! Rule of Thirds is a concept that was created in 1791 by John Thomas Smith.

    By following the rule of thirds, photographers (both amateur and professional) can create a balance and unique point of focus to any image. It’s a really great technique to get into the habit of using for any photographer.

    The rule involves the technique of framing a picture by following the guide of a grid system. This grid consists of 9 squares; 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines creating these squares. Think of it like a noughts and crosses game board!

    To follow the rule of thirds, you must make sure to allow the main features, of the image you are trying to take, following along and into the corners of these squares and their lines.

    Why You Should Be Using It…

    By making sure to follow these main points, this will create a great balance of space in your composition. Without this balance, the photo you are trying to take may risk looking awkward or unnatural. The whole point of following the rule of thirds is to allow your photo to fully showcase the features within it and make your photo overall just nicer to look at!

    Once you have played around with and practised rule of thirds, you will eventually become adjusted to it. You may then proceed to taking the images without having to show the actual lines on your camera screen and take a picture with correct composition naturally!

    Time to get practising; maybe start with some selfies or photos of people to understand placement and such! :)


    How about you; do you follow the rules of third in your photography projects? Do you know of any other techniques which you feel are essential to the photography field? Let us know in comment section below.

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