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    How to Make Your Website Redesign The Best

    CAUTION. Construction Ahead.

    With so much digital consummation today, more people are going online for quick and easy ways to find what they need. So as an organisation, your website should be the face of your business – it’s the first impression that the potential customer gets of your company. With the significant competition around, a website should always be up to date. Which is why when you do a website redesign, firstly you must always remember your web design best practices, and keep in mind your company brand and your customers’ preferences so they can have the perfect online experience.


    Don’t Panic, We’re Here to Help

    Redesigning can be a stressful operation… But fret not! We’re here to ease the process by giving you a quick guide on what to remember when undertaking your website redesign. Just ask yourself these questions, and you’ll have a brilliant site in no time!

    Who is the Buyer Persona?

    Knowing your customer’s wants and requirements is something all businesses should pay attention to. With a deeper understanding into the buyers’ persona (such as their shopping trends, interests, how they communicate, etc.), your website developers can redesign the site to be optimised specifically to suit their preferences – this builds a better relationship between you and your customers.

    How to develop a conversion path?

    Creating conversion paths will link all the useful information together on to your website. It makes it easier for online buyers to navigate through the site, and also help expand their use of the service you offer.

    What designs should you choose?

    When redesigning, it can be tempting to follow the trends of the latest web designs, but always keep true to your business and your brand. Key areas to consider when designing your website are – the typography to use, the colour palette of the website, and the icons and photography to display.


    We hope this helps you in your own process of website redesign!

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