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  • 14 Thu

    How To Create Effective Email Signature

    Email signatures still matter! As much as first impressions are important so is the last impression. An effective email signature should be informative, professional and easy to follow. Email signatures are important as they convey your professional image alongside utilising marketing opportunities.

    Here are some key features you should consider including when creating your email signature.

    Keep It Brief

    The most important aspect to take into account is to not include too much information.
    Too much information can make it look bulky, so keep the information short and relevant to your brand and communication methods. For example if you don’t tend to do business through the telephone leave this out and include an email address instead.

    Information you should consider including are;
    A logo
    The author’s name and job title
    Phone number
    Skype username
    Website link
    Links to Social Media- Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pintrest, Instagram, Youtube.

    Be aware with the use of images as some can show as an attachment, making it difficult to find relevant documents in a thread of messages between users.

    Limit Your Colour Palette 

    Using too many colours can be distracting and over whelming so less is more. Selecting colours that are from the same colour palette as any graphics being included, i.e. your logo, will create consistency.


    Stick to one or two font styles as too many can cause information to be missed and hard to follow. Using a hierarchy method will help direct the eye to information in a methodical order.

    Highlight or enlarge the text you want to be seen first. Push this to the top of the chain of text.
    Alignment of graphics and text will bring instant order and harmony to the design.

    Drive Traffic To Social Media

    Including social media icons will not only drive traffic to your online content but also enables email recipients find new avenues to contact and follow you.

    Icons can work better than hyperlinks and URL’s due to the brain easily recognising and relating these symbols to relevant sites.

    Make It Mobile Friendly

    Mobile phone screens are significantly smaller than desktop setups, so be sure your email signature type and imagery are still legible when scaled down.


    Good Examples 



    email sig 5


    What are your thoughts on email signatures? Let us know in the comment box below or on facebook  and twitter.





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