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  • 29 Wed

    Impressive 3D Print-outs

    There have been many articles written on the exciting future promised by 3D printing. We were promised machines that self replicated, printed clothes, and the death of shopping! While we still wait for many of the marvels from our CAD-CAM future, there are some things that are already available for you to download and produce.

    That is, if you have a 3d Printer.

    Prepare for an adventure into the third dimension!

    An Acoustic Guitar

    The body and echo-chamber of this guitar was produced by a 3D printer. The complex designs possible only with 3d printing techniques has allowed Scot Summi to build a bespoke metal faceplate. It also opens up the possibility of creating replica instruments from your “guitar heroes”.  Gnarly.


    A Gun

    Defence Distributed has designed files for a printable and fully functional gun. A printable gun raises awareness for potential problems that could be exploited in this new technology.  The purpose of this project was to make the weapon files ‘open source’. In the world of the 3d printer, nothing is out of reach.  A scary thought.


    A Camera Lens

    The power to dictate the direction, intensity and focus of light – custom printed lenses will allow photographers to create unique effects for a fraction of the cost. Here are a few images taken with the prototype lens. The power of the ground-glass lenses is no more.


    A 3d Foetus

    Look at his wee little hands! Advances in ultrasound imaging techniques enable expectant parents to capture this precious image as a sculpture. Mixing transparent and opaque plastics, a Japanese company is already offering this service (at around £1000 a go). A paperweight with a novelty factor that will never age.


    Picture perfect 3D maps

    Would your quarry benefit from having a scale model?  A French company, Drones Imaging, has married their drone surveying projects with 3d printing technology to create relief maps. We dig this.


    Are you a 3D printer impression looking to make an impression? We’d love to hear from you @JerrardWayne

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