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    James bond villains

    James bond is all about glamorous girls, guns and gadgets, but there is something special about the villains in the movies. A Bond movie is made or broken by the dastardly nemeses of the international man of mystery. From Jaws, Dr No to Gold Finger, these characters deserve to rule the world. With the news that Christoph Walz will be playing a “significant role” in the next instalment of 007 we thought we would scope out the best Bond villains of all time.

    Shaken not sketched

    Dr No.

    The face that sank a thousand cities. This iconic villain has also launched a number of copycats and spoofs, including Austin Power’s nemisis -Dr. Evil. Dr No is the archetypal cat stroking grey suit wearing super-villain.  Sometimes the world is not enough.



    Goldfinger is the, rather podgy, aurumaniac obsessed with breaking into fort Knox’s gold reserves. Greedy for lucre don’t let his soft edges fool you. He was named by, Bond Author, Fleming after an architect that built a blog of high-rise flats spoi. He doesn’t play games. He doesn’t expect you to talk, he “expects you to die”.



    The teeth! Played in the movies by the 7ft .2 actor Richard Kiel, Jaws is one of the most iconic henchmen. He survived taking on Bond tête-à-tête for two movies: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.004-bond-villains-mutiBaron Samedi

    Live and Let Die brought the witch doctor Baron Samedi to life. As a face-painted villain brought the powers of Voodoo to battle with her majesty’s secret service.  Although it was seriously tongue-in-cheek, Samedi was the stuff of nightmares and remains one of the most recognisable villains to date.


    Nick Nack

    The shorter half of the double act, Odd Job and Nick Nack were equal parts sinister and silly. The bowler hats and uniforms made them the Laurel and Hardy of Bond henchmen.


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