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  • 02 Tue

    JPG vs PNG – What Files Should I Be Using?!

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    Happy Tuesday everybody. Hope you’re all working hard and are fully pumped for the week ahead.

    Our office has been chock-a-block with design work lately, but we’re loving every second of it. Guess that’s just part of working as a graphic design agency… well it is for us anyway! :)

    Anyways, we wanted to make a little blog today on quite an important issue. When it comes to using imagery for creative works, file formatting can be quite a confusing place. A file format is basically the ‘type’ of file you are saving.

    So for example, a video file may be an MP4 or maybe a WMV. For still imagery/pictures, it tends to revolve around 3 main types; JPG, PNG and GIF.

    The biggest argument however comes up with JPG vs PNG though, as many people have different preferences and end up using the wrong type for their project. Yes, there is a ‘right and wrong’ answer to this.

    JPG vs PNG

    Although the may appear to save the same file, there are some differences. Let’s mention a few…

    Firstly, the quality of each of them, in colour and general quality of the image, is slightly different; you can see the difference in the short video below!


    Secondly, JPG’s are FLAT images. They will take up a square (or rectangular) area of a creative project. If you save an JPG with a transparent BG, it will automatically save with a white area.

    However, if you use PNG, you have the ability to create images for transparent backgrounds, thus allowing you to use PNGs for such things are icons and buttons!

    That’s just a couple of points but  we found an excellent infographic that explores JPG vs PNG usage, as well as GIF.

    JPG vs PNG vs GIF Infographic

    JPG vs PNG Infographic Image


    Have you been using them correctly? Are there any other file types you would like advice on? Let us know in the comment section down below.

    Or, you may also get in contact with us via our social media pages! You can tweet us or leave a post on our Facebook! We look forward to hearing from you.

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