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  • 23 Sun

    A Day in the Life of JWC – It’s All About Team Spirit!

    Carl Dennie, Caragh Logan, JWC

    We said we’d keep you posted on the goings on in the office, so here we are! A little update on the daily happenings in JWC Towers…

    It’s all about team spirit at Jérrard Wayne offices so we’ve always got exciting projects in the works, to make sure that our creative juices are constantly flowing. We feel like we know each other pretty well by now, you and I, so it might be time to give you a bit more of an insight as to the folk that make up Team JWC.

    Our team consists of Creative and Marketing Directors, Illustrators, Animators, Web and Graphic Designers, Web Developers, plus our Social Media gurus, who are always up for a nice chat! Especially if they’re working on an article or short story, a distraction is much appreciated… (Though perhaps for not too much longer once our Directors read this.)

    The Directors feel like the heart and soul of the office, not because of their positions but thanks to their personalities, they bring a ray of sunshine even on the rainiest days (which given the English weather is fairly necessary at times). You see, when the Creative Director walks in, it’s in the spring of his step and the twinkle in his eye that we know he’s passionate about this company and wants everyone to feel their best about their work. With the Marketing Director, there’s going to be a walk to the shops to stock up on chocolate / choc-chip muffins / chocolate cornflake cakes – you get the picture. (She does more than that but the chocolate is the top priority for us, if our Social Media Manager / Cookie Monster doesn’t eat it first!)

    Fun fact: they’re also great DJs.

    The designers are always busy, whether they’re starting, working or finishing up a project, you’ll always see them consulting the Directors for final verdicts and little bits of advice while animations render in the background. Team spirit means you’ll often see the full team mind-mapping a project, especially when it comes to branding projects, wireframe design or creative concepts, because we all love a bit of that!

    You’ll always find a laid back ambiance within Chéz JWC, and the soundtrack to our working day varies enormously between Radiohead, Labrinth and Little Dragon, with the occasion blast of K-Pop or metal (random, right?).

    We know that you’re not all so blessed to have a team you love working with. Let’s be honest, most work places have ‘Mary’ over in the corner that loves to complain all day, or ‘Bob’ that keeps telling you how things should be done. We just don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour within Team JWC and that’s part of what makes our working days so much fun.

    We love a bit of banter, so you can imagine how things went down when our Directors drew South Korea, Colombia, Uruguay and Croatia (unlucky on last night’s match!) as their World Cup sweep stake teams.  It’s going to be an eventful few weeks throughout the World Cup here at JWC, especially for our Social Media Manager, who knows nothing about football and chants such things as “Come on football” during a match!

    We’ll definitely keep you posted on who’s winning our sweep stake. And let’s hope the England team show some of that same team spirit tonight… (Fingers crossed)

    Oh, and by the way, if you try to call during an early match and you can’t get through, it’s because we’re all on the phone / in a meeting / on a deadline. Promise!


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