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    Most Memorable Brand Icons in the Spirits Industry

    *Read with a Glass of Gin and Tonic*

    For those of you who enjoy a topple, or two (we’re not judging), you’ll be use to the brand icons of the top liquors in the spirit industry. From Smirnoff vodka, to Beefeater gin, their logos are recognisable and still stands against time. However, with each logo designs comes a story and meaning.

    So without further ado, we take you through the 5 most iconic spirits brand, and how they got their famous icons.


    Drink Up!

    1. Smirnoff 

    smirnoff-vodkaThe History – The Russian vodka brand has a rich heritage. It tells the tale of the Smirnoff family’s fortune rising after the Napoleonic Wars but falling during the Russian Revolution.

    The Design – The double-headed eagle was inspired by the Imperial Russian Court’s coat of arms. However, like most brand icons, it has been simplified to suit today’s modern digital era, and now sports a more symmetrical, stream-lined look. One thing that hasn’t change is the red, silver and white colours.

    2. Bacardi

    bacardiThe History – The Cuban-born rum got it’s famous bat icon when owner Don Facundo noticed that a large family of fruit bats were living in his distillery. Thus, the birth of the bat logo for Bacardi. Bats are also a symbol of luck and family unity in Cuba.

    The Design – The black bat and red circle only started appearing on bottles in the 1890s. The only major changes to the logo to this day is the simplification of the bat (without the detailed features).

    3. Johnnie Walker

    Johnnie-Walker-LogoThe History – Scottish shopkeeper and tea blender, John Walker, was hugely successful blending whiskies in the 1850s. He created his own label, Johnnie Walker, which has now turned into an international lucrative whisky brand. Walker was later honoured by artist Tom Brown who painted him wearing a red tail coat, top hat, and carrying a cane – a symbol of wealth and success.

    The Design – The red, white and black is still noticeable today as Johnnie Walker. Known as the ‘Striding Man’, he was later designed to walk to the ‘future’ in 1999, thus the tagline ‘Keep Walking’.

    4. Beefeater

    beefeater-labelThe History – The guard depicted on the bottles of Beefeater Gin are actual Beefeaters who guards the Tower of London (where the Queen’s jewels are kept). Their red and gold uniform are worn when the Queen visits the Tower. It’s an ancient symbol that signifies everything that is old-English.

    The Design – The brand icon has been redrawn many times to develop the brand into a more contemporary era.

    5. Kraken

    KrakenThe History – Legend says that the mythical beast, Kraken, use to lurk in the black depths of the rocky seas, striking fear into seafarers for hundreds of years. The black spiced rum is named after the inky creature.

    The Design – Created in 2010, the striking illustration of the fabled Kraken works well with Caribbean-themed rum. It sets them apart from the competition, and has already attracted a loyal following.


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