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  • 27 Mon

    You are MyIdol, My Only Idol…

    MyIdol Bruce Willis Header Image

    Do you like dancing? Yes, that’s nice. Are you any good at it?
    If not, you could always just use this recently released app that has been the latest craze!

    MyIdol; The Newest Craze!

    MyIdol is a new Chinese application available on the iTunes app store. This app was released on April 22nd and has very quickly become a craze.

    MyIdol Girl Image

    It is yet to be available on the Android market and an english version in in the works. However, regardless to the fact the app is in Chinese, it’s relatively easy to use.

    You first take a photo of yourself, using the guidelines and grid that the app requires you to use, and import it into the app. The app then applies your face to a little rigged puppet figure.

    MyIdol Character Customisation Image

    You can then dress the character and set them up in a dance scene; simple! These have been seen on Vine, Instagram, Facebook… the lot! These charming little self portait characters have truly been causing a scene!

    Even celebrities and very important individuals have been implemented into the app, here’s some of the best (and funniest) so far!

    The Best of MyIdol so far!

    Beyonce and JayZ Frozen MyIdol Customisation Image

    Obama MyIdol Dance Instagram Image

    MyIdol 50 Shades of Great Image

    You can download the app here!
    Or you can wait for an English version to be released soon for easier use. :)

    It is not yet available for Android but keep an eye out on the site for updates, as they are planning on enabling it on Android devices!

    We also found a great guide on creating your own characters over at Mashable, be sure to check it out if you plan on making your own!


    Have you used the MyIdol app yet? Created anything cool?
    Let us know in the comment section below!

    We’re also on Twitter and Facebook if you’d like to share them with us there! We’d love to see more of these!

    Don’t forget to check out more articles on our website blog. :)


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  • android user said:

    Make this for android

    • jerrardwayne said:

      We agree, it's a shame Android users can't use it yet. Suppose we've just got to be patient. :(