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  • 05 Wed

    NFC: Comms, a little closer.

    Near field Communications (NFC) may seem like tech jargon now, but is soon to be a household name.  The tech that brought you contactless payment, from apple pay to oyster, is bringing some imaginative solutions to the mobile age.

    Leading the Field

    Londoners on the city transport system will now be used to being told about “contactless payment” and avoiding “Cardclash”. As some, forward-thin§king, credit and debit cards have begun including NFC chips.  Near Field Communications work by including microchips that communicate on low power radio signals. Most modern smart phones can detect and read these already. More excitingly, they can encode their own information. Cheap, waterproof, and without any power requirements – NFC tags are already available to buy.

    The real interest arrived after Apple announced that their new payment system will be based around NFC technology. Suddenly NFC became a real consideration as a major tech.

    As a location specific tech that doesn’t require internet access it’s completely secure from hacking. However, NFC technology goes far beyond contactless payment. It’s a way of integrating digital information and the world around them. Here are a few uses that we thought were pretty neat:

    NFC business cards

    Want to make a lasting impression? Don’t have enough time to get your message across? At 99p each, it’s worth while investing in NFC tags. Printed into a standard business card, links, multimedia can be saved and accessed directly via smartphone or tablet.

    NFC keys

    Access is granted! Proximity key cards are all very well but imagine what can be achieved with NFC keys. A phone or device could be used to unlock doors featuring NFC readers. For the control freaks amongst you: predetermining who can use a door and at what time could all be set using NFC.

    Finger lights (?)

    Japanese company Takara Tomy Arts LED fingernail stickers that flash when they detect an NFC signal. When you take a call on an NFC-enabled smartphone, make a payment with a contactless card or pass through an NFC-enabled ticketing gate, your fingers light up and let the world know how tech savvy you are. Check you out!


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