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  • 25 Wed

    One of the First Google Glass Apps Lists

    It’s here, it exists and it has got its own international buzz. ‘It’, of course, refers to the one and only Google Glass, the product that’s been in the making for years and is now available to the public. Google’s baby wouldn’t be worthy of its name and technological age if it didn’t have plenty of baby apps being announced for it, though. So without further ado, we hereby present some of the first Google Glass Apps that are getting their own buzz.

    google-compra-word-lens copy

    We think of ourselves as a global company so this app is right up our alley with awesome Augmented Reality. This is the World Lens, which is already available for smartphones and now usable for your Google Glass lens. All you need to do is select what language to translate to and from, look at any bit of writing and watch the magic happen. The best bit is that it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi or network connection. Magic!

    Preview for Glass

    One of the fun Google Glass Apps we’ve heard of is Preview for Glass, for all you cinephiles. Again, it plays with AR – the user just says ‘Okay Glass, Preview’ while looking at any movie poster. ‘Your wish is my command’ (Glass doesn’t really say that but let’s pretend it does), off Google Glass goes to fetch the trailer and deliver it to you!


    A bit less fun, a bit more business-y, it’s Glassentation, everyone! All you need to do is make up your Power Point presentation or your little flashcards, no more than 35 characters each with a ‘+’ at the start of each new idea, upload them to the app and it will appear in your Glass. No more looking down or behind you awkwardly, you’ll look like a pro of presentations, and we’ll be watching like proud parents.

    That’s us for our list of Google Glass Apps, we can’t wait to hear of the upcoming releases! Let’s see what Google and the rest of the tech world have in store for us. Until next time, do leave a comment and stay and chat with @JerrardWayne.

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