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    Our Favourite Print Adverts

    There is nothing more effective than clever print adverts to keep you thinking about the brand and the bigger issue even hours after you’ve seen the poster. That’s two birds with one stone! Have five examples of excellent promotion…


    Our first of clever print adverts starts on a creepy note. We found this clever advert from Duracell, featuring a little girl looking rather weary about her previous doll making a comeback. That’s right, ‘Some toys never die’ means your batteries last forever. The little girl should have nothing to worry about – friendship is forever, right? Apparently not so… That’s going to be one interesting tea party.


    Not to worry, her father just has to buy a fancy new Volkswagen and all their problems will be solved. This print advert flaunts the mileage of the company’s commercial vehicles, with a creative silhouette work of a safari for their ‘Turn on your adventure’ campaign. It does look a bit tempting, doesn’t it?


    While the family travels the world with their new car, Mr Whiskers will be all taken care of by the supply of Whiskas food you leave him with. This company’s adorable advert claims that they are ‘Feeding your cat’s instincts’ which is another way of saying that his meal will leave him chasing after antelopes near the jungle. Crikey…


    We’re definitely sticking to the holiday theme with this image designed for a B&B Hotels promo. They’ve found a way to make their bed look like a sunny-side-up stacked on a few rashers of bacon laid on toasted bread. Now that’s a good result of imagination with a combo of food and décor!


    Our last of print adverts is MasterCard’s clever image of a classy high-heeled shoe taken from an angle where it looks like a golf ball ready for launch. Something tells us this is mostly computer-generated, which makes us appreciate the attention to detail! The company also take this opportunity to mention their support for the Children’s Aid Foundation in a subtle way.

    Those are our picks of best print adverts but we’re more than open to any suggestions for further artistic and promotional stuff! Until next time!

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