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    Stream Your Art LIVE with!

    Picarto Tv Stream Online Art Header Image

    Today, we have a very special blog post for you creative-types out there! Have you ever wanted to be able to broadcast and show the process of your artwork? Do you not have time to make tutorials or process presentations every time?

    What would you say if we could share with you a tool that allows you to broadcast your computer screen to viewers across the world?

    Introducing Picarto!

    Picarto is a relatively young site that has shown a lot of progress and innovation along the years. It’s always had the same premise; to stream artwork. However over the years it has gained a variety of features, including premium memberships, HD quality and various interactive features in the chat boxes.

    Using Picarto, you can create an image and have an audience watch, chat and interact with you. There are a variety of different design labels you can set your stream to, so that people can easily navigate and know exactly what you are drawing before they even click your channel’s button.

    These range from background concepts to anime & manga to 3D Modelling and more!

    Here’s a great video tutorial to show how to get started on Picarto!

     We highly recommend this site and managed to nab an interview with one of their team members!

    When and how did Picarto begin; what did you want to achieve by creating the site?

    The idea itself is very old; I always wanted to have this sort of platform to get artists connected. When I was browsing through various other sites, I felt very disconnected from all the artists and audiences.

    So when I first saw how people getting connected by streaming pages in general, I assumed this would be the best opportunity to make my expectations come true.
    Picarto Screenshot Image Homepage Screenshot

    What benefits does the Premium service offer?

    Premium has a lot of stuff in store for our streamers. This ranges from special design elements, our private channel feature, recordings or custom offline images. Premium users will also benefit from a higher priority on tickets / bug reports. 

    We always wanted to make it an option, not a must have. I think we really did well on this part.

    Is there any creative software that you would recommend for beginner artists looking to join your site?

    Most creative programs pretty much do the same things but in different ways and you have to choose which is more comfortable for you. Personally, I would recommend Paint Tool Sai and Clip Studio Paint for beginners. They are very lightweight so they run on any PC and still offer the basics you need to get started.

    Picarto Tv Stream Online Offline Image

    How far has your website come since it began?

    We’ve really grown a lot! We started with only a handful of members and some people viewing streams but at the moment we really can say that we are THE platform for streaming art on the internet. We are about to bring some big and exiting stuff in the near future.

    We love your mascot, Mimi! How did her design come about?

    Well Mimi is some sort of a “how do I imagine the perfect girl in the anime world” idea. I had a think and wrote down everything that I like about anime and the clothing styles etc. Mimi is the combination of these thoughts.

    Our official mascot drawer Agawa has been doing a great job since day one. He really nailed her design concept and did such a good job on every picture he drew so far for us.
    Mimi Image

    What can we expect from you in the future?

    We are currently working hard on a page re-design. So you can expect a whole new appearance and feel to the page. More features, easier controls and a lot of space for growth.

    How else can we follow and fund/support you?

    Thank you for asking but we don’t currently have any funding pages. We try to build this page with trust and support from our viewers and streamers and the way you all support us is great! We never thought we would get this far so fast!

    You can however follow us over at Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr!
    Picarto Screenshot Image Label Explore Screen


    Did you enjoy this article? Are you a Picarto user or are you now going to try it? Get in touch with us!

    You can drop us a comment down below! Or you can tweet us or drop us a post on Facebook!

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