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  • 09 Tue

    Secret Facebook Business Page Tips

    Welcome to a New Social Media

    If the reason you’re here is because we’ve successfully lured you in with that mysterious title, then rest assured that you will not be disappointed by the content that follows. We’ve discovered awesome Facebook business page tips and we want to share them with you, because that’s just how nice we are. Of course, we understand how busy you are, so we’ll make this short and explain to you how to use your Facebook tools to your greatest, time-saving advantage. Let’s get started (all demonstrations in gallery below).


    Facebook For Busy Bees

    You’re browsing your feed and you see an interesting post, but you don’t have time to read it on the spot… You could always look it up when you get home, after a busy day, having only remembered half of the title of the article. Or, you could… Save the post for later? You can do that with Facebook! All it takes is a click on the little arrow on the top right of the post, scroll down to “Save for later” and voila! You can find all your saved posts in the left sidebar of your homepage.

    You don’t want to befriend everyone you get in touch with on Facebook. So what do you do? You’re still curious and enjoy the content they share but you don’t necessarily want to have to ask to befriend them online. Well, one of the best Facebook business page tips for business people is: you follow their feed like you would on Twitter. That option might not be available for all profiles but you can enable yours by going into Settings>Followers>Who Can Follow Me>Everybody.

    Manage your “Posts to Page”. The reason we say this is because there are two possible outcomes to people who tag you in their posts (which later show up on the sidebar on the left of your business page). The first outcome is that it’s great publicity, they use the tone you want for your page and people love them. The second outcome is that it’s plenty of spam from robots or friends who have not exactly understood the purpose of your page. Beware of those people. That’s one of the most important Facebook business page tips, monitor your content. It’s simple, you re-share, you leave it or you delete it.

    Finally, did you know you can rearrange the order of the different tabs on your Facebook business page? While “People” and “About” are always going to be on top of your page by default, you can look under your cover picture and click on More>Manage Tabs, where you’ll be able to choose what tabs you want to put on full display in your left sidebar.

    Allow us to demonstrate:

    If you’ve enjoyed finding out about these Facebook business page tips, and find them quite handy, let us know and we’ll gladly come up with another list of useful, sneaky social media tips!

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