Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Brand agencies know that a defined brand identity is the essence of any business. It conveys to the market your ethos, what you offer and what you stand for. This allows potential customers to identify with you over your competitors. It also determines the levels of expectation they can have from you and, therefore how they measure your performance.

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What’s the difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, other than their branding? Would you get the same nostalgic feeling seeing a Pepsi truck when the ‘holidays are coming?’ The power is all in the branding.

The key is consistence; it’s in your logo design, the colours you use, the tone of your text, your website, your marketing – even your office environment and the types of people that work for you.

  • Does your brand identity need refreshing?
  • Are you attracting your ideal client base?
  • Do you want a fresh pair of eyes to look over your aesthetics or ethos?
  • Are you launching a new product or business?

We empower our clients in building stronger, more distinctive and memorable brands. Helping businesses understand how to elevate their brand essence, recharge relevance and pump up presence is how we assist our clients in creating, growing and sustaining a strong brand.

We look at your brand in its entirety, considering:

  • Customer experience
  • Internal branding
  • Rebranding, transformation and reinvention
  • New brand launches

We can assist in strategically planning an internal branding ethos and compiling a brand bible, full of guidelines for your employees to follow.

We believe in the power of consistency. Once a clear brand direction has been established, we would move on to logo design.

A logo symbolises its’ company and is one of the key steps in creating a memorable image; the thing that your audience will initially identify with. A company with a weak logo, and therefore brand image, does not encourage trust in its business.

Logos should be memorable, and should signify relevance to your business through shape, colour or symbolism. For example, for most perfumes the logos, advertising concepts, colours, bottle shape and packaging all tie into the fragrance’s name – this is to subtly reiterate the same message to the consumer. And this should be true of any product or service.

With consistency in mind, we can design all of your marketing materials to reflect the same message. Therefore, your business cards, stationery design, on and offline marketing campaigns and website, all emphasise your brand ethos clearly and professionally – targeting your core market.

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