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    Social Media; What Should Your Business Be Using?

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    In this day and age, it is almost essential for any business, young or old, to be involved with some form of internet activity; or social media as we now know it.

    Social media keeps audiences up-to-date with how a company is growing, it generates leads, it provides potential to opportunities and collaborations that may not have otherwise been possible and lots of other beneficial traits towards a business’ growth.

    There’s obviously the big three; FacebookTwitter and Google+. If you’re not at least on these, you need to seriously reconsider your social media strategy. These are the biggest social media platforms used for businesses, as well as personal and personalities. However, there are plenty more to add additional features to your marketing strategy; all with different benefits and ideals.

    Social Media Marketing; Extra Content!

    Social Media Marketing Site List Instagram Logo Image

    Instagram is a photography and image based social media network. You are given a square canvas to take a picture within and a set of filters to apply to your image. This is then posted to Instagram for everyone to see and like.

    This social media site is particularly good for any creatives out there; whether that be design agencies, illustrators, photographers, anything creative that can be shared really. Whilst the site is good for posting creative content, it is also really useful for posting daily updates and happenings with the account.

    Maybe you could post a picture of a team member’s lunch, or the office pet, or maybe even a shot of a work night out (flattering of course!).

    We recommend getting an Instagram account regardless to what kind of industry you are working in. You could be a bakery and post pictures of cakes, you could work in a factor and post smiling pictures of workers; anything will be visually pleasing to see within the company.

    Social Media Marketing Site List YouTube Logo Image

    YouTube is another biggie platform, although it is not always used, strangely enough. As you probably know, YouTube is a video publishing website that hosts hundreds of thousand different content pieces, lots of those being cat videos.

    Although it is often used for personal use or personality/talented individuals such as bloggers, singers and dancers, it can also be used towards a business marketing strategy.

    YouTube is a great way of publishing visually appealing content for an audience, whether that be through advertising, creating viral campaigns or even just general day-to-day updates and blogs. People are more likely to watch an interesting video than read a piece of text or even look at an image in some occasions. Creating a great, invigorating visual content is key to a successful marketing strategy!

    Social Media Marketing Site List LinkedIn Image

    LinkedIn is also one of the social media platforms that often gets abused. LinkedIn is a great tool for networking, and sharing information and expertise with an audience familiar with your industry.

    It’s very professional as well, so if you’re looking for a place to share information and ideas with formal, like-minded individuals, this is the site for your business.

    Social Media Marketing Site List Pinterest Logo Image

    Pinterest is a website that revolves around images and sharing cool content with others. A little like Tumblr (only less dramatic and with less sensitive material), Pinterest allows you to view and be inspired by thousands of different images.

    Pinterest’s main audience is said to be young females and it’s easy to see why with the amount of women’s fashion and pastel palettes that float around on there. However, if your company is aiming at women, then Pinterest is perfect for you!

    Perhaps you own a hairdressers, are in the fashion industry or run a graphic design agency like us? This site will be extremely useful for you, not only to observe and learn from the competition, but in gaining fans and inspiration.

    Social Media Marketing Site List Vine Logo Image

    Vine is a relatively young platform that was released in late 2012. Regardless of its age, it has been around long enough for its potential to be discovered! With Vine, you can create a 6 second video clip that loops. This video is then published to your Vine profile and people can watch it.

    Vine is particularly popular for comedy, so perhaps you could create some funny content from within your office or work place? This gives your audience an insight into what it’s like working with you, which is a nice thing to have shared with you!

    Social Media Marketing Site List Snapchat Logo Image

    Snapchat has recently found its way into the business world. Snapchat started off as, and has always been, a site that provides an insight into the happenings of an individual. Basically, you take a photo, set a timer and send it to your audience or friends. The receiving recipient then has a set time to observe this image until it disappears for good; a very spontaneous message basically!

    Companies have began taking advantage of this tool by sending snap’s to their followers. Whilst it hasn’t hit off 100% yet, we predict it will become a big part of business social media marketing strategies one day.


    Meerkat & Periscope
    Social Media Marketing Site List Periscope Meerkat Logo Image

    These two are newcomers to the social media scene; both released earlier this year. These apps work on a streaming platform basis, allowing you to live-stream from your phone. We personally prefer Periscope as it is Twitter-friendly, but it’s down to personal preference.

    By live-stream, we mean film; you can film with your phone’s camera and broadcast it live across the internet. So, in terms of business, you could potentially stream events that are happening within the work place. For example, if you worked in an exhibition industry, maybe you could walk around an exhibition you are hosting whilst streaming. Or, if you run a call centre, you could stream a customer service work environment maybe!

    Any industry should be able to find a way of implement this tool, it’s just finding the right ones that will gain engagement!

    Social Media Marketing Site List Buzzfeed Logo Image

    Whilst Buzzfeed is rarely mentioned in a business sense, we believe it can be implemented within a strategy. In fact, we’re even thinking of using it ourselves soon!

    Buzzfeed is a site that allows users to create lists, count downs and articles on a variety of subjects, such as nostalgia trips, ‘top 10s’ and trending topics. We believe that businesses could use this site as a resource and expertise sharing host, however it has yet to be picked up.


    Elevate Your Business Using Social Media

    Want to know more? We have released a brochure on social media marketing and how you can improve your strategy! You can purchase this over at Amazon! :)

    Are you using some of these social media platforms? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

    We also love feedback from you guys, so be sure to tweet us or post to our Facebook wall!

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