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    The Best Packaging on Pinterest

    Pinterest is undoubtably the number one website to visit when looking for ideas and creative concepts. In a world where competition is so fierce, packaging is the point of sale image of the brand that will entice you to buy it.  Here’s a pick of the best packaging on Pinterest to inspire you!


    Out of Sight – Beer

    Joanna Coppermans’ idea behind this minimal design was to create a unique composition using Albino animals and humans to create superiority and curiosity for the product. The packaging was designed for independent brewery, Out Of Sight Brewery.




    Hanger Tea

    For all of you tea lovers, Hanger Tea is a cute and practical way to brew your tea. The design comes with t-shirt shaped tea bags complete with colour coded hangers. This is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone face during your morning brew. Designed by Soon Mo Kang.


    Hanger Tea

    Naked – Cosmetics

    This innovative design for the beauty range ‘Naked’ uses thermochromic paint that reacts to the warmth of hands. This original,  playful concept mimics the naked body in terms of looks and sensory feelings.



    Night and Day

    This concept created by Backbone Branding, Armenia is part of  a series of designs for a restaurant. The logo shows the earths’ rotation from night to day and the imagery on the packaging also cleverly copies this theme. The branding designed to replicate a bar/ restaurant theme open by day and by night also displays these two polarities in the imagery on the packaging.

    day and night - Back bone branding


    Just WWF – Anti Packaging

    Packaging to eliminate packaging! This  is a Leo Burnett agency creation for the WWF – World Wide Fund For Nature, with the idea of replacing household chemicals with natural products. Although there is still a need for packaging to sell this concept the idea aims to make for a more sustainable future and the packaging is made of biodegradable paper. Even the DOOH advertising shows a consistency in the packaging idea and brand image.

    packaging to eliminate packaging


    Queeny Village Milk

    Got milk? This cartoon style packaging design brings out the fun in this packaging design concept. The restricted and limited aesthetics shows the purity of the product and gives it a liveliness.

    Milk-bottle (1)


    Bonnie and Clyde Gin

    Clever typography that mimics the characters has been used to decorate these gin bottles created by Deluxe Distillery in Belgium. The gold gilding adds luxury and a collectable feel to the product.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.27.38


    Hush – Chocolate Packaging

    Each packaging carries its own personality. London based agency Claire Hartley created simple line drawings where each graphic design and colour used suits the origin of colour of the flavours.

    Have you created any cool packaging designs? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

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