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    Want the Best Phones for Battery Life?

    Smartphones are Here to Stay

    Let’s face it, anyone and everyone owns a smartphone these days (and for those of you that don’t, we applaud you). It’s a brilliant piece of technology that is almost like carrying a mini laptop in your pocket. So why do we find ourselves ripping our hair out all the time? One problem, two words – BATTERY LIFE.

    The battery life of smartphones is usually the source of disappointment – especially (as reviewed by customers) in big conglomerate Apple Inc.’s mobile products. With emphasis on bigger screens, better resolution, brighter mobile designs, it’s no wonder smartphones run out of juice fast.

    So, like you, we just want something long-lasting, not too complicated to use, and fast… Which is why we’ve found the top 5 best phones for battery life!

    Before you Buy…

    We’ve compiled this list as some options for you. Take these smartphones into consideration.

    Best Phones For Battery Life!

    5. Samsung Galaxy Note III

    Battery Life: 11 hours and 15 minutes


    4. Nokia Lumia 1520

    Battery Life: 11 hours and 30 minutes


    3. LG G Flex

    Battery Life: 11 hours and 30 minutes


    2. OnePlus One

    Battery Life: 13 hours and 15 minutes


    1. Huawei Ascend Mate 2

    Battery Life: 14 hours and 45 minutes


    (Un)Surprisingly, iPhones did not make it on to the list.

    So which one would you go for? Are there any other best phones for battery life? Be sure to let us know in the comment section down below!

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