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    Web Design Best Practices For You

    Let the Ideas Flow

    As a design agency, we know a thing or two about the frustrations of designing a site. When our designers start a new project, we never forget our web design best practices, and it helps to get the ideas flowing in the studio! And with so much competition in this field, you need to always think outside the box and be creative. However, don’t forget, it isn’t always about making your website the most visually appealing. There is more to web designing, and we are here to help you out!

    Are you Ready?

    From how much text should be added to encouraging user interaction, we give you a list of our web design best practices and what to avoid when designing your own project!

    Less is More

    The less complex the design is, the easier it will be to get your brand across to your customers. Instead of cramming various ideas on to one website, a simple layout with a running theme can offer a more positive experience for your users.

    Content Before Design

    A design does not make a great website when you don’t have the contents to back it up.

    Talk to your Users

    Building a function that allows users to interact will not only help you to improve your website, but they can also spot the mistakes that you don’t see.

    Make it Multi-Device Compatible

    Design your site to be functional on other devices – it can open up your website to a whole new demographic of users.

    Draw the Audience’s Eyes to the Right Features

    Having bright features or bold texts does not necessarily make your website more engaging. Instead, focus on designing your site to attract your users to the right features.

    And lastly…

    It’s not always about what you want, it’s also about what the customer wants.


    We hope you find this helpful! Feel free to share any other tips you have to create the best possible website @JérrardWayne.


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