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    Web Designers! Learn from Print Designs!

    “But they’re completely different!”

    We know, we know… web and print designs are completely different. We get it. One’s online, and the other is paper-based. But let’s not forget, long before the aid of computers and software, there was (and still is) more traditional methods of designing – drawing layouts, image selections, hand-written typography, etc. They’re the grandfathers of the designing world.

    There’s always a lot to learn from print designs, so if you’re looking for some good old-fashioned web design knowledge, look no further! We give you 3 pro tips from the world of print designs to help you on your way to creating a great website.


    Let’s Get Old-School

    Now these may sound obvious, but believe us, it’s easy to forget sometimes. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

    1. Keep on top of the quality control.

    The beauty of creating anything online is that it’s never permanent. If there’s a mistake, you can change it. If the design is out-dated, you redesign it. However, the quality control can really slip when everything is so easy to fix. Take a leaf out of print designers’ books – make sure you’re thorough with your work. Print designers have to make sure their work is spotless before it gets sent to the printer, and we could all do with that mentality.

    2. Pictures are important.

    Look at any magazine covers or print adverts – Images are the dominating factor that draws in its audience and readers. It creates the visual connection that entices people to continue to spend time reading an article, or staying on a website. However bombarding your website with too many images, without a strict layout, can actually turn people off. Flick through magazines and learn how they tend to set out their content.

    3. Good typography will get you places.

    We’ve spoken before about why it’s crucial to get the right typography in advertising, and it’s no different in print designing. It’s the same concept as point 2 – It’s a visual connection with the audience. With a good type font it means that your website will have good readability. Print designers focus a lot on typography due to the nature of their work.


    Of course, there are a lot more designers everywhere can all learn from print designs, but we’ll save that for another day.

    Do you agree with us? Is there something more important that we didn’t include?

    Go on, come find us @JerrardWayne. We love a good debate.

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