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    You There! Get Some Website Personality!

    Don’t be boring…

    How often do you come across a website with too much text, and not enough interactive elements? If you’re like us, we don’t even bother looking through the website, and then we’re on to the next one! So how can you make sure that your site doesn’t fall into this ‘boring’ category?

    Simple: Spice things up and give your website personality!

    As quoted by Aarron Walter of Smashing Magazine:

    “There are four key benefits to expressing your personality in design:

    – In a crowded market, personality helps distinguish you from competitors.

    – Personality elicits an emotional response from the audience that encourages long-term memory of your brand.

    – Personality attracts those who get you and deters those who don’t.

    – Personality impassions users, who will become your most powerful marketing channel.”


    So how can you give your website some character?

    Here are some ways you can inject some life into your website! Have a look!

    – Design your site with a persona. If your website was a real life person, how would they be? Fun and quirky? Or formal and strictly business? These are things that will impact the way your brand will be viewed across to your audience.

    – Keep your tone of voice in check. The writing, along with the design, is what’s going to really define the personality of your website. Make sure when you write on your blog, the tone is friendly, humorous, sarcastic… or whatever your brand is all about!

    – Connect with the users. Make them a part of your world, your website. Like a story, introduce your audience to your brand, and the guide them through your story.

    – Be memorable and persuasive. Make sure your website is a unique and enjoyable experience for the users. Always.


    Of course, there are much more ways to give your website personality.

    Does your website ticks all the list? Let us know!


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