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About Us

We love people and we believe great communication through design is one of the most powerful ways of making our time together on this planet better for us all.

We’re committed to being the best version of ourselves, so we can help others do the same.

Meet The Team

We’re proud to be one team from many places because we’re interested in everyone’s views and how they connect. Our people reflect the varied outlooks you’d expect from an agency that values humanity over habit, leaving more time for curiosity, conversation and joy.

Carl Dennie

Director of Creativity and Brand Transformation

Caragh Logan

Director of Strategy, Marketing and Positive Impact

Sonia Kaur

Creative Operations Manager

Dianne Perry

Digital Designer

Monica Rahman

Copy and Team Culture Manager

Justin Williams

Senior Designer

Joshua Smith

Graphic Designer

Sophie Collins

Social Media Marketer

Katie Rowe

Senior Designer

Carolyn Brightwell

Business Development Manager

Shivali Patel

Junior Designer

Ola Oluwajoye

Project Manager