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How Team Wellbeing Impacts Your Brand

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It’s common knowledge that team wellbeing is crucial for keeping your employees happy and productive. But did you know it can also affect your brand strategy?

Implementing a wellbeing programme in the workplace may seem like something only multinational corporations do, but it can have a positive impact on your brand reputation with real business implications, no matter the size of your company.

What is team wellbeing?

Team wellbeing is a strategy for looking after the mental and physical health of your employees, including catering to any disabilities or needs that they may have. For example, you might create team fitness events or implement a mental health programme.

This type of staff benefit requires a two-way conversation – you need to listen to your employees and understand their needs to create a team wellbeing programme that has a real positive impact on your people. If your wellbeing programme is centred around what you or a select group of your team needs, it can easily backfire and damage your brand values.

How team wellbeing impacts your brand

There are two major ways in which team wellbeing can have either a negative or positive impact on your brand – depending on how you incorporate it into your brand values.

1. Strong internal reputation

A team wellbeing programme is key to improving your employees’ health and happiness in the workplace. Since people who look forward to going to work are much more productive, having a wellbeing programme will only increase the creativity and output of your employees. They’ll be much more likely to stay with your company long term, thereby reducing your staff turnover and increasing loyalty among your team.

People who are happy at work are also more likely to work overtime and speak positively about their workplace to others. Your internal reputation says a lot about your brand values to potential talent, to your direct competitors and even gets filtered down to your clients by word-of-mouth. You need a positive reputation in the market, so a strong wellbeing programme is key to your brand strategy.

2. Better company performance

Implementing a wellbeing programme can strongly support your business goals.

A 2013 study linked wellbeing in the workplace to health and safety, and ultimately companies’ stock performance. Companies that focused on health and wellbeing were found to have a stronger brand strategy and ultimately performed better than their counterparts who didn’t.

Your employees are an essential part of promoting uniform brand values and company values, because if they don’t believe in them then your customers won’t either. Unhappy, unhealthy employees give your competitors a chance to undermine your brand strategy and even pinch your best talent.

If you can see the value of team wellbeing but are unsure how to implement a strategy, we can help.

We are brand strategy experts who can increase awareness of your brand and support your business goals. Get in touch to find out more.

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How Team Wellbeing Impacts Your Brand

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